Facebook Struts Its Ad Game Against Competition

This month, Facebook broadcasted in the news that its ad quality and implementation is better than other media outlets, such as TV. Measurement of ads in comparison to other media channels is important in order for Facebook to know its money is being spent in the right places for success. A business must always be a step ahead of the competition.


Because some of the announcements brought some to a yawn (even Facebook’s VP admitted to this), we will, for the sake of levity and enlightenment, relate Facebook’s announcements to sports. It’s important to understand this news, so why not try to simplify it in terms we might understand better? Since football season is well underway, let’s get ready for kickoff.

Media Outlet Draft Picks

News: The same system used to assess sales from TV, radio, and other older outlets now allows advertisers of consumer packaged goods to see how people purchase products in their physical storefronts from Facebook ads.

Football Comparison: Just like teams go through draft picks to assess and choose great players, so media platforms are assessed for their “wins” (i.e. sales). The rookie player, Facebook, is compared by advertisers to see how it performs against older, bigtime players, like TV and radio.

Cuts and Keeps

News: Future money spend on ads can be monitored and evaluated by advertisers on Facebook in order to decide their next move based on past performance.

Football Comparison: Just like a team is assessed after the season is over, so advertisers are in a current stage to evaluate previous sales performance based on ad use. Players are assessed on multiple levels for how they performed and if they should be kept, traded, or let go for the team’s benefit. Advertisers will be getting together with media agencies to assess their 2016 investments and get ready to plan for 2017. They will be deciding what to cut what to keep.

Identifying the MVPs

News: Information from Facebook’s Atlas ad server can be used by marketers from Neustar MarketShare or VisualIQ to assess where their money is being spent and what they are gaining back. This allows a more complete image about how ad exposure in different times and places leads to the consumer purchasing the product and/or doing what the marketer projected.

Football Comparison: Facebook wants to prove that it is not a player who sits on the sidelines all season, but is a playmaker and an MVP. They want to demonstrate with clear evidence that not only do they make great plays, but they also assist others in making great and memorable plays for success.

Pros and Cons for the Big Time Players

News: In order to compare and contrast ad exposure on a like-to-like scale, Facebook’s Lift application program interface will be able to connect to Oracle Data Cloud for retail and consumer packaged goods advertisers. A group of people who were able to see a Facebook ad can be compared to another who did not and can be assessed with the influence made on sales.

Football Comparison: One way to see how valuable a player was for a team is to see how his replacement performs in comparison. When Peyton Manning was quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, how many touchdown passes did he throw compared to Andrew Luck? How many of Peyton’s passes were intercepted compared to Andrew’s? How much does Facebook warrant for ad dollars in comparison to TV and radio?

Sportsmanship Contribution

News: Mobile app analytic tools allow advertisers to monitor Facebook mobile app ads that were looked at but were not clicked on immediately (i.e. view-thru rates).

Football Comparison: Just as a quarterback may have to lob over the ball before getting sacked, so Facebook’s mobile app is making indirect cases for ad value. Instead of making a strong direct through to the wide receiver, sometimes circumstances call for a different pass off.

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